10 tips so you do not ruin your business


Entrepreneurship is not a path of roses. On the way you will find traps, stones and problems, many problems. Being your own boss and at the same time your most precious worker will not be easy . With the passage of time you will realize that it is very difficult to carry the responsibility of maintaining a business in positive numbers.

But calm, we do not want to overwhelm you and yes find solutions. You can get everything you propose with your business if you put into practice these 10 tips to not ruin it.

If you do not want to ruin your business, follow these tips

1º. Have willpower.

Self-discipline is fundamental in the business world. Create good work habits, force yourself to grow as an entrepreneur every day and do not give up before the problems that arise. Because you have something always present: there will be difficult times and you will have to leave them without help.

2º. Be positive.

Do not think that the most apocalyptic scenario possible can come true. When there are downs , there will be, afrones with a strong and positive mentality . Negative thoughts will only serve to block you and prevent you from advancing as you should.

3º. Have a spirit of sacrifice.

In the beginning you will have to give up many things if you want your company to be successful . You may not be able to attend that important football game for your child or you may have to sleep less than usual for a couple of years, but do not forget that behind every sacrifice there is always a great success.

4th No procrastines.

In the day to day will arise a lot of tasks that you do not want to do and that you will try to postpone indefinitely in time. No procrastins, dear entrepreneur . If you have to do something, how much sooner do it much better. Free yourself from the burden of leaving half tasks.

5th Keep it real.

Your goals must be real. If you want to invoice six figures, before you will have to invoice five, and before four, and before …. 1 euro? Go little by little and consider only the objectives that you can really reach . Do not get on the back of a multicolored unicorn if you do not want the fall to be anthological.

6th. Organize your time correctly.

You should set a start time and an end time for your workday , and try to respect them as much as possible. Your time is gold and you must learn to manage it optimally. Do not waste time on the banal and focus on what really needs your attention. When necessary, delegate.

7th Critify yourself in front of the mirror.

Park your ego and have a critical spirit with yourself. You are not perfect, nor do you need to, so if you do something wrong, acknowledge it and find how to solve it . The big entrepreneurs are the ones who manage to learn from their own mistakes before. The ego is evil, do not fall into its clutches.

8th Be humble.

Not only must you learn to criticize yourself, but also to fit the criticisms that others make about you or your business . The feedback from your friends, customers or suppliers will be essential for the optimal progression of your company. Without feedback there is no direction and without direction there is no future.

9th Learn to sell.

Bring out the commercial spirit that is inside you. You have to lose the fear and the shame to sell to strangers . Do you know any company that works without selling? Sales are everything in business. Overcome the famous impostor syndrome and sell that unique service that only you can offer.

10th Do networking

Connect with other entrepreneurs and with other professionals in your sector. From them you can learn and gain valuable experiences . You can not imagine how important it is for your business that you are in the right circles. Social networks will make this task much easier and Facebook groups are a good place to start looking.